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Our Program

During the first year, the focus was on the Elementary School Program - pre-school through grade three. Since then we have increased our levels to include middle school and 9th grade. By the year 2015, RAIS will be serving students from Elementary through High School.

school section will offer a rigorous, academically challenging college preparatory program. Throughout the school, various programs will be offered to meet the needs of the student population. Special programs will consist of: English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Leader In Me, health, Girl Power, STARS program and SOAR reading program.
Curriculum Description
Since Rowad AlKhaleej is an International School using the American Diploma Program, we initially chose the California Core Standards for most subjects and grade levels. A curriculum overview was made for general purposes to inform and support the teachers and their understanding of what curriculum to follow. The choice to use the California Core Standards Curriculum was due to the flexibility in its application for non-native speakers.
However, once Rowad AlKhaleej decided to purchase their textbooks from Pearson/Apprentice Hall publications, we were convinced to go with the Common Core States Standards (CCSS) as their books and materials were aligned with it, they agreed to support us in our endeavor to implement and set up the use of CCSS as it is the most supported standard used in the United States at this time.
The Common Core States Standards are informed by the highest, most effective models of curriculum from states across the country and countries around the world, which provides a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. This is necessary so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help students be successful. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world. They have appropriate benchmarks for all students, regardless of where they live.
The CCSS outlines the knowledge and skills students should have within their K-12 educational experience so that they will graduate high school able to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing academic college courses and in workforce training programs. The standards:
  • Are aligned with college and work expectations.
  • Are clear, understandable and consistent.
  • Include rigorous content and application of knowledge through high order skills.
  • Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards.
  • Are informed by other top performing countries, so that all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society.
  • Are evidence-based.
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Rowad AlKhaleej International Schools are committed to being a quality school in all areas. The AdvanceEd Accreditation Process will provide us with the comprehensive framework for continually improving student learning and school effectiveness.
The AdvanceEd Accreditation Process represents the unified accreditation process for the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) in the USA. As a school seeking to earn and maintain NCA CASI or SACS CASI accreditation we will follow the AdvanceED Accreditation Process.
To earn and maintain accreditation, we will:
Meet the AdvanceED standards and policies.
The advanced Accreditation Standards for Quality Schools are derived from educational research and best practices. They require that schools have a clear vision and purpose; have a rigorous curriculum taught through sound, research-based methods; collect, report and use performance results; provide adequate resources and support for its educational programs; value and communicate with stakeholders and have a commitment to continuously improve. We will implement an improvement process; whereby, we identify a shared vision; maintain a school-wide.
Establish plans which will help us implement interventions and we will document the results from our efforts to improve student learning and school effectiveness.
Rowad AlKhaleej International Schools will have in place quality assurance systems and processes to maximize effectiveness across the school to improve student performance. We will engage in regular internal self-reviews and host an External Review once every five years.
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