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Early Learners and Elementary Department of the Girls .

My name is Denise McKenzie. I am the Vice-Principal of the Early Learner and Elementary Department of the Girls Section.

I have been an educator for more than 21 years. I have spent the last 4 years in the Kingdom and have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences as an educator and resident in Saudi Arabia. As an educator, I think it is most important to remember that education equates to teaching the whole child. Every child in our school community deserves to be healthy, safe, supported, encouraged and challenged to be the best citizen they can become. I believe academics, social responsibility and development are integral for enhancing the education of children in a global society. A large part of our elementary program focuses on Leader In Me which helps to foster the philosophy of teaching the whole child. The program builds students character through the 7 Habit of Highly Successful People. Students are encouraged to use the 7 habits throughout their daily interactions in and outside of the school. Leader In Me has proven to be a successful program for Rowad Al Khaleej and we are on track to become the first Lighthouse School in the Kingdom.