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School Admission Information Age Criteria Uniform Tuition and Fees

Elementary School Uniform Requirements

Daily Uniform
  1. Regulation light blue or white polo shirt with logo *
  2. Regulation dark blue slacks for boys
  3. Regulation dark blue skirts or slacks for girls up to 5th grade
  4. Regulation dark blue skirts for girls from 6th grade and up
  5. Black or white sport shoes with non-marking soles and heels
    (No sandals for safety reasons)
  6. School caps for outside activities (optional)
  1. Regulation T-shirt
  2. Regulation blue or white shorts
  3. Sports shoes with non-marking soles and heels
  1. Regulation blue or white sweatshirt with school logo
  2. Regulation blue or white sweater with school loge
Please note that other outerwear may be worn to school and kept in the student’s locker/cubby. Students will not be allowed to wear non-uniforms items in the classroom.