School Admission Information Age Criteria Uniform Tuition and Fees

Age Criteria for Admissions

Criteria for enrollment include age, entrance exam, previous school records, English language proficiency, learning achievement, availability of program, and ability to make tuition and fees payments.
Age of Students
Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools uses age guidelines for admission as shown in the table below. The minimum age for admission to Kindergarten I and II must be reached before the first of October in the school year for which the child is to be enrolled. New students will be admitted only after verification of the age has been received in the form of either a birth certificate or passport. In other grades, enrollment may be denied if the student's age significantly exceeds the normal average for his or her grade placement.
English-as-a- Forign Language (EFL)

As our school is an international school which language of medium is English and curriculum is American, we require our students to have a minimum level of English proficiency in their applied grade in order to be able to successfully keep up with the curriculum.

However, students who fall below that level, parents have to sign a grade wavier to have their child enter into the EFL program which is provided for one year only. It is implemented from 3rd to 6th. The students are taken out of their mainstream Language Arts classes and given intensive English based on intervention books made specifically to raise their level of English.

Parents whose children enter our program are aware that this is a one year program and students must be strongly supported at home in order to reach their grade proficiency and remain in our school.

At this time Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools does not have special needs learning program.